Jan 28
8 Best Industries to Start a Venture in 2016
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  Building a business empire and maintaining the growth is quite a challenging task for each businessman. But taking up the challenge and becoming successful is a delightful feeling. There are so many people around the globe, who are planning to step into the business world. But before stepping in, analyzing the current scenario and picking up the right business is a tough decision to make; since it is going to decide your fate. Thus as of the year 2016 here are some of the best industries to start a business in as picked by Inc.   Drone Manufacturing Drones…
Jan 20
Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Acquires Coinsetter To Expand To The U.S.
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According to Bitcoinity, Kraken is the largest EUR bitcoin exchange in the world with Bit-x and Gatecoin not far behind. But Kraken has one weakness — there isn’t much volume when it comes to other currencies. The company is trying to fix that by acquiring Coinsetter to expand to the U.S. and Canada — for real this time. As a reminder, back in April 2015, Coinsetter acquired Cavirtex, a Canadian-based bitcoin exchange. Existing Coinsetter uses will get a Kraken account next week. You might remember that Kraken already allows you to trade bitcoin with USD. But you had to transfer…
Jan 15
The Startup Success Mantra !
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‘Our industry does not respect tradition. It only respects innovation’- Satya Nadella   The last decade has witnessed a change in the global business landscape. The DNA of businesses have altered, with a greater thrust on innovation, ideas and challenging the status quo. Technology is playing an increasingly significant role in turning those ideas into reality by drastically reducing the costs involved in setting up a business and the time to hit the market. Yet it is startling to see that nine out of ten i.e. 90% of the startups fail within the first three quarters of opening shop. Of…
Jan 13
10 ways to implement IoT for business advantage
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Companies that want to build their internet of things strategy can gain valuable insights from studying IoT solutions that are already in play. Internet of Things (IoT) big data is the next frontier of analytics, but most companies are still in the early stages of adoption. However, companies can jumpstart their IoT strategies by looking at business use cases that are already working. Here are 10 instances of IoT applications that are getting results for companies and that have an established best practice history. 1: Web data for marketing Companies can choose to employ their own analytics tracking for on-web…
Jan 13
6 fictional AIs that saved the human race
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All sentient A.I. is not evil, our fiction is filled with instances that highlight the pure selflessness and dedication that is the hallmark of the truly sentient and friendly A.I.1. AthenaWhen an advanced alien race decides that it’s high-time the human race met its doom, they decide to unleash the mother of all sun storms on the hapless human race. Hapless? Maybe not. Not with Athena around. A sentient A.I. that has been taking care of the human race for generations, she first appears in Arthur C. Clarke’s epic book, Sunstorm. 2. Cortana  Beginning life…